10 Estates In Nairobi Where Prostitutes are in Plenty.

In East Africa, Nairobi boasts the highest number of prostitutes per acre. We wouldn’t expect anything less in this concrete jungle. The general perception of prostitution is that it’s a street trade. That’s just partly the case in Nairobi. While there are countless hookers on CBD streets, estates are equally filled with both high-end and kawaida prostitutes who ply their trade in the confines of bedsitters, apartments and cheap brothels. Here are the estates where you’ll find the most prostitutes in Nairobi


They manage to conceal themselves in Mafioso fashion. The most obvious ones are those that masquerade as wamama wa kuosha nguo. Apart from washing clothes for busy or lazy bachelors, they wash their groins too. These women show up to their tasks wearing provocative clothing. The trick is simple for them – do anything to tempt the customer by exposing their butts while washing and hanging clothes. If you don’t respond to the provocations, they simple ask you straight up if you want some.


The hood prostitutes of Zimmernan are well known. For as little as 200 bob, you can take one to your residential locale and plough through her body like a tractor in Kabarnet for the whole day or night, depending on your time preference. Just keep going as long as your balls can handle it


Most high end prostitutes are located in this estate. Hidden between the posh offices are companies that offer escort services for rich men who value discretion. For a heavy sum, you can have a super hot escort delivered to your home. The women here are of the highest quality – attractive and well maintained. They are also keen to ensure customer satisfaction and as a result, these companies have a string of loyal customers. . Every command you make will be met. The massage parlors located in this area offer ‘extra’ services too.


Just like in Mombasa, Eastleigh prostitutes have the tendency of hiding under biubuis. One of my close friends was once approached after leaving a bar on a Friday night. The lady in the buibui simply whispered in his ear, “Sijavaa kitu ndani, unanitaka? Talk of irresistible offers. According to my friend, the lady looked like Angelina Jolie so he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The sad part is that she demanded to take his Lacoste shoes after he couldn’t meet her 2000 bob fee


The overpopulation in this area coated with poor living standards means the women have to rely on means of survival that ooze desperation. It’s a shame that some of these women have to open their legs to rugged customers in their squeezed houses in front of their kids.


In Huruma, there’s an area called Mbuthia. Here, the free-roaming prostitutes, begin their activities at around 5 pm in the evening. This is strictly a hooker zone. Normal ladies avoid it due to the fear of being labeled hookers. When you stroll through Mbuthia, hookers, both old and young scramble for you like hawkers in Gikomba. Or like European nations seeking to colonize a newly discovered Africa. The price? Only a hundred shillings. You can even get a threesome or a ten-some if you are beast enough

Imara Daima

In Imara Daima, the women sit outside their houses in the evening like normal moshene mongers. An outsider can’t easily tell their objectives but the dwellers are well aware that these mamiis are there for anyone who needs a quick fix. It’s simple, you just go talk to one and she welcomes you inside the house. While inside, she’ll serve you with all flavors of sin

Nairobi West

I’ll call them the ‘chini ya maji’ prostitutes. The call girls of Nairobi West are secretive and decent. It’s only through recommendation that you get to meet them. Most of the girls have day time occupations , which means that they only sell their bodies as a part-time venture. And they don’t come cheap. No wonder they can afford to live in decent houses and shop at nice places

Majengo ya Nairobi

There are plenty of Swahili ladies in this slum. In the muddy houses of Majengo, it’s not only living that goes on. Shagging happens in well decorated ‘matope’ brothels. Operational Hours? 24/7. You can get a hooker as breakfast, brunch or midnight snack.

So what’s their modus operandi? There’s always a group of amateur girls who are managed by an older experienced woman (pimp). The girls waist outside the brothels and when a customer comes, he gets to choose which girl he wants. She then holds his hand, takes him through a corridor where he pays the pimp through a hole in a matope wall. After that it’s time to rumble

Shauri Moyo

This hood harbors plenty of bars and lodgings. And that can only mean one thing. The demand for sex is higher than a man who has smoked Maragoli weed. You’ll find most of the hookers in bars. Even some barmaids sell their bodies as a side hustle.

Traffic from bars to lodgings is ever high from around 10 pm every night. Since most of the hookers are older, the men splashing cash over 30 too

Finding Sex Girls in Mombasa, Kenya 

If you like sexy black girls then Mombasa will be a great place for you to visit. It is very easy to find girls for sex in Mombasa and the prices can be extremely cheap.The girls may try to ask for a lot, like $100 or $200 but in reality most will easily go for $30 to $40. Many will even go cheaper than that and that’s talking about all night. You can get a short time session for $10 to $20 depending on the girl.

The problem is other things in Africa can be very expensive for tourists and this is true in Mombasa. Hotels are not cheap at all and you will be lucky to find one that lives up to your standards for under $50.

In a place where everything else is so cheap it is a wonder why hotels cost so much but that’s just the way things are in Africa. But with the wonderful price of the girls Mombasa is still a great place to visit.

There’s definitely one main way to find girls for sex in Mombasa and we will get to that in a bit. There is not much of a brothel scene and the strip clubs are not known to be great. There are erotic sex massage parlors in Mombasa by the beach but they are usually pretty run down.

Overall Mombasa is an interesting place to go for a sex vacation and you will have fun there, if you like sexy black girls then you should try and visit at least once in your life. However one aspect of Mombasa nightlife stands out above the rest.

Most expats in Mombasa will be getting with freelancers from the common pick up spots, while some choose to meet hookers online.

Finding Prostitutes in Mombasa

Without a doubt the best way to find girls for sex in Mombasa is to go to Casablanca which is just loaded with freelance girls. These freelance prostitutes in Mombasa can be very aggressive and will be approaching you throughout the night trying to get you to choose them.

The hookers outnumber the guys by a huge margin so it is definitely a buyer’s market. They may try to ask for $100 to start but just about all of them will go for $40 or less.

There are some other very good bars to find freelance hookers like, Sheba, Lounge Bar, and Cheers. During the day you may want to give Big Tree a shot.

If you are venturing over to Mtwapa then the main places to look for hookers are Club Lambada and Casaurina. There is pretty good nightlife in Mtwapa also and it is close by.

A good schedule would be to check out Big Tree during the day, around dinner time head to Cheers, early evening to Sheba, and late night action at Casaurina or Casablanca.

Don’t forget to use dating apps to try and meet hookers in Mombasa online if you aren’t liking the selection on a given night.

Strip Clubs in Mombasa

There is not a great strip club scene in Mombasa but there are some around in the touristy areas. In the area where Casablanca is there are a few strip clubs nearby with sexy black girls dancing naked for you.

You can go there and have a good time and then head back to Casablanca to pick up your date for the night. Overall though Mombasa nightlife is not really great for strip clubs it is more for the amazing freelancer scene. One well known strip club in Mombasa is Lollipop Tembo.

For strip clubs you may want to go to nearby Mtwapa which has some of the best in Africa.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors in Mombasa

Is it previously mentioned the best place to find an erotic sex massage in Mombasa is down by the beach where there are many houses or shacks with girl standing outside offering massage.

The shacks can be pretty rough so you may want to ask the girl if she can come give you a massage in your room. Finding a happy ending massage in Mombasa will not be hard but sadly there are no exact locations that can be given because some of these shops don’t even have names.

Just head down to the beach and you will get offered and if the girl is sexy and agrees to give it in your room you know you will have found a sexy massage in Mombasa coming to you for $10-$20.

Meeting Non Pro Girls Online In Mombasa

Some guys like hookers, some guys don’t.  If you want to try and meet single girls in Mombasa that aren’t pros the easiest way will be online dating.

Raha escorts is one of the best escorts sites listing in Kenya featuring variety of ladies at the coast while Kenyan Cupid is the top online dating site in the country and Afro Introductions is the top online dating site in Africa, there will be plenty of girls in Mombasa on both.  You could also search throughout Kenya and pay a girls bus fare to come stay with you, they all would love to take a trip to the beach.

Then you can continue to use Afro Introductions to pipeline before you head to any city on the continent as well.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Mombasa

Finding girls for sex in Mombasa will work out well but you don’t go about it the same as you would in many other places around the world. There are not the same type of girly bars that you find in Asia or brothels you find in other places like Medellin.

You will almost strictly be dealing with freelance prostitutes in Mombasa and some guys may not like how aggressive they are. However, there are many beautiful girls around and the prices are great so you will surely enjoy your trip.

Don’t forget to head out for the nightlife in Mtwapa which is a short drive away. This is a major destination with lots of drugs and sex available where many rich people in the area go to party.

While it is pretty safe to take a vacation to Mombasa remember that there are many poor people around you at all times so it would not be wise to flash cash or valuables that can give someone a reason try and rob you.

HIV is also a major concern so be sure to wear a condom when finding girls for sex in Mombasa.

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